Clamp Style


Clamp Style

one clamping often being used several times. It makes the different pressure at various points of the materials during the process, due to the eccentricity of the mixing center and the center of volume. It can strengthen the relative movement between the liquid layers.



Model Number Representation

model code

桨叶-03 Pusher Propeller It is a paddle of simple construction, huge volume of circulation and good stability. It has often been used in high speed stirring of the low viscosity fluid.
“1 “Type
With the distribution of axial and radial, it achieves great rolling power and strong shear force. It is suitable for the stirring of the high viscosity fluid and the solid liquid.

The Tooth in Circular Disk

It has strong circulation ability and the axial distribution. It has good performance of with low power consumption.


The Folding Type

Clients can easily fold their paddle for fit their needs on site. It is suitable for small volume and closed volume stirring.


The Propeller in Circular Disk

It is good in axial distribution and suitable for stirring the blend that has tiny particles. It will prevent the particles precipitation.


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